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M1 Block weight in cast iron


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Product number: 171-100-00-01
Genauigkeitsklasse: OIML M1
Product information "M1 Block weight in cast iron"

M1 block weight as calibration weight in painted cast iron

Individual weights in block form of OIML Class M1. The weights are made of high-quality cast iron. The weights are powder-coated, which guarantees a smoother surface. Test weights for industrial and commercial weights of calibration class III and for quality assurance according to ISO 9001ff for scales with a step number ≤ 10.000.
These block weights are also used as calibration weights for the verification of class III scales and weights of classes M2 and M3.
Weight baskets for the block weights on request.

Rely on Gravical quality Made in Germany.

Features M1 cast weight

  • OIML Class: M1
  • Complies with the R111:2004 directive for weights
  • Nominal value: 5 kg - 50 kg
  • Material: cast iron, powder-coated
  • Design: block weight - stackable
  • Optional: DAkkS test certificate

Price list - M1 single weight, block weight, painted

For a weight to be considered as ISO 9000ff-compliant test equipment, its accuracy must be proven. This can be done with a suitable DAkkS calibration certificate, which you can order from us.

Gewichtswert Toleranz Art.-Nr. Stückpreis, € Alubox, € DAkkS Kalibrierschein, €
5 kg ± 250 mg 171-100-00-01 48,- 50,- 17,-
10 kg ± 500 mg 171-100-00-02 79,- 75,- 20,-
20 kg ± 1.000 mg 171-100-00-03 129,- 90,- 22,-