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F2 Stainless steel block weights


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Product number: 171-200-00-01
Product information "F2 Stainless steel block weights"

F2 High gloss polished block weights

Block weights of OIML Class F2. For checking your measuring instruments and scales with a Schristtzahl ≤ 30.000 within the scope of quality assurance according to ISO 9001 ff. The highly polished block weights are made of highly polished stainless steel and are non-magnetizable.
They are also suitable for high-precision weighing such as comparative measurements on mass comparators.
These weights are used for calibration and verification of weights of classes M1 - M3. The weights can be easily transported in the optionally available aluminum boxes.
Weight baskets for the stainless steel weights are available on request.

Features F2 block weight

  • OIML class: F2
  • Complies with the R111:2004 directive for weights
  • Nominal value: 5 / 10 / 20 kg
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Design: Block weight stackable
  • Optional container: padded aluminum case
  • Optional: DAkkS test certificate

Price list - F2 stainless steel weights

For a weight to be considered as ISO 9000ff-compliant test equipment, its accuracy must be proven. This can be done with a suitable DAkkS calibration certificate, which you can order from us.

Gewichtswert Toleranz Art.-Nr. Stückpreis, € Alubox, € DAkkS Kalibrierschein, €
5 kg ± 80 mg 171-200-00-01 330,- 50,- 25,-
10 kg ± 160 mg 171-200-00-02 540,- 75,- 28,-
20 kg ± 300 mg 171-200-00-03 750,- 90,- 39,-


Blockgewicht aus Edelstahl