graviCAL GmbH Reviews with Antivibrations-Waegetisch aus Stahl mit Granitplatte

Anti-vibration weighing table


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Steinplatte (Position)
Product number: WX-001-0076
Product information "Anti-vibration weighing table"

This weighing table was primarily developed for use in laboratories and general areas that include measuring equipment. For instance, it is ideal as a base for microbalances, analytical balances and mass comparators. The centrepiece of the table is formed by a heavy stone plate that is mounted on rubber damping elements. This special construction, which compensates for shocks and vibrations, provides a stable working base at all times. A basic prerequisite for accurate measurements and undistorted measuring results. 

The table is made up of two different components:

  • An integrated construction with a stone plate mounted on rubber blocks.
  • An external work bench as an extended work surface with an aluminium profile frame and height-adjustable feet.

Technical data

Total dimensions (W x D x H) 770 x 650 x 815 mm (height adjustable)
Stone plate dimensions: 410 x 270 x 115 mm
Stone plate weight: 34 kg
Total weight: 55 kg


Stone plate
Integrated bench
Work bench
Assembly instructions (not shown)